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Steadfast Advocacy For The Rights Of Immigrants

The Law Office of Mark Kinzler, PC in Austin focuses on people in need of deportation defense and family-based cases. Mark Kinzler dedicates his practice to achieving fairness and justice for our immigrant clients. He is a vibrant advocate for the immigrant community both locally in Texas and nationally.

Mr. Kinzler participates in efforts to stop the harsh and inhumane results of the current tide of U.S. immigration policies. He participates in and organizes lobbying activities to end the grim and cruel results some immigrant families come across in pursuing a better life in the United States.

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Vigorous Immigration Representation In Texas

While in law school, Mr. Kinzler learned immigrants were not given attorneys when they needed legal help. That was over 15 years ago, and he has been committed to defending immigrants ever since.

Mr. Kinzler’s extensive experience began with difficult litigation for immigrants facing serious criminal charges and removal defense. Realizing how intertwined families are with individuals facing removal, Mr. Kinzler broadened his scope of representation to include immigrant family matters.

Immigrants who are victims of crime and violence are often at a loss and fear the worst consequences if they come forward to report the crime against them. Contacting a lawyer is their best recourse.

We Have A Track Record Of Success

Mr. Kinzler successfully assisted many asylum cases and family-based cases as director of a nonprofit program in Texas before opening his own office in 2014.

Attorney Kinzler is a tireless advocate for immigrant rights. Call his office at 512-402-7999 if you are facing a confusing immigration issue. You may also complete our online form to contact us.

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