Legal immigrants targeted for deportation

Legal immigrants targeted for deportation

Immigrants who are detained in Texas and other states are not necessarily undocumented. In some cases, they are permanent residents or otherwise legally in the country but are being held based on criminal convictions that occurred years or decades ago. If the Trump administration has its way, it may also detain those who have used any form of public assistance. This would include the use of public housing or food stamps.

It is believed that there are 20 million people living in the United States on a green card. In 2016, 1.2 million such cards were issued, and it is estimated that about a million are issued in any given year.

One man who was convicted of a firearms charge in 2007 was taken into custody on June 4 on his way to work. He is now in a New Jersey detention facility until his case is resolved. It is possible that the man will be sent back to the Philippines. Although he was sentenced to probation in the case, it did not stop him from renewing his green card in the years since. Many others have been detained for convictions on minor or otherwise nonviolent offenses. In some cases, individuals have been detained despite the fact that they have no criminal record at all.

Those who find themselves in an immigration detention center may benefit from the services of an attorney. In general, having legal counsel may make it easier to obtain a positive outcome in an immigration case. For instance, an attorney may assert that an immigrant is not a threat to the community and is a productive member of society. This may be enough to convince a judge to allow a person to remain in the United States.

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