Waivers Of Inadmissibility

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Waivers Of Inadmissibility

What Is A Waiver Of Inadmissibility?

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, people who have been deemed inadmissible are not allowed to enter or remain in the United States. Some of the grounds for inadmissibility may be due to:

  • Health-related issues
  • Criminal charges
  • National security concerns
  • No labor certification
  • Fraud or material misrepresentation on your application
  • Prior removals or unlawful presence

There are exceptions written into the law, where inadmissibility does not apply. For other grounds of inadmissibility, it may be possible for a person to obtain a waiver of that type of inadmissibility.

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How Do I Know If I Can Apply For An Exception?

An alien who is not eligible for admission into the U.S. as an immigrant or to adjust status in the U.S., and certain nonimmigrant applicants who are inadmissible, must file a form to seek a waiver of specific grounds of inadmissibility.

Exceptions for inadmissibility include situations where a person:

  • Has been battered
  • Has been abused
  • Has experienced extreme cruelty
  • has been a victim of human trafficking
  • Is a minor

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What If I Am Living Here Illegally?

If you are living in the United States illegally, there may be a waiver available for your situation, but you may need a lawyer to get it approved.

Unlawful presence together with your specific situation, such as if you were previously removed for immigration violations but now have other qualifying conditions, requires an application for a particular waiver.

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