Trump proposal requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

Trump proposal requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

As news stories about the so-called Central American caravan continue to grow and change, President Trump is seeking new ways to block these migrants from crossing the border and requesting asylum. The president has made it clear that he wants to require asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while the request is processed. However, the increased risk of the asylum seeker’s safety outside of Texas’ border towns has caused some to protest.

The major threat is the overall safety issues surrounding ports of entry into the United States. Cartels often control the Mexican side of the border at ports of entry with the United States. Immigrants fleeing violence in their own country are at risk of facing similar risks at the border. This can include kidnapping and ransom attempts.

This process could potentially get worse. The Trump administration is currently negotiating with Mexico’s incoming president to rework their current asylum system. The Trump proposal would involve asylum seekers staying in Mexico for months or even years as their asylum requests play out in American courtrooms. These negotiations follow a series of efforts by the Trump administration to severely limit immigration and asylum seekers at the southern border. The administration has gone so far as to dissuade immigrants from Central America to make the long and dangerous trip to America’s southern border.

Experienced immigration law attorneys may be able to help undocumented workers already within the United States to seek asylum. However, it is critical that any undocumented workers file quickly as they only have one year from the date of entry to file the request. An experienced immigration attorney may be able to help undocumented workers file those asylum requests as well as complete asylum requests on behalf of immigrants who have been detained or are incarcerated.

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